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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Story Telling ; "The Legend of Golan Mirah"

Story Telling ; "The Legend of Golan Mirah"

Once upon the time there was a well known person in Golan, named Ki Honggolono. Ki Honggolono had cousin named Ki Honggojoyo, he lived in Mirah village and known as Ki Ageng Mirah. Ki Honggolono had young son named Joko Lancur but he is a bad person and loved compete his rooster. One day in the arena in Mirah village, his rooster suddenly run away, Joko Lancur tried to catch it up.
"Stop my boy, you have to go on the competition, come on!"
However, his rooster kept running and went into Ki Ageng Mirah's kitchen. Lancur stopped there, looking his rooster on the lap of beautiful girl. She was Mirah Putri Ayu, Ki Ageng Mirah’s daughter. In short, they had conversation and knew each other. Soon love grew between both of them. Lancur couldn’t help falling in love with Mirah while Ki Ageng mirah himself didn’t allow his daugther to have relationship with his cousin’s son.
“My daughter, he is not the right man for you, I don’t agree you marry a man from Golan which known as a place with full of gamblers and criminals.”
Mirah was just quiet, she such a soft and filial daughter. On the other side, Joko lancur was depressed and told everything to his father Ki honggolono. When Lancur offered his married proposal, Ki Hanggolono was unbelievable shocked and told him to get rid of that feeling because they have differences beliefs.
.”Father, I will marry Mirah” said Lancur sadly.
“But son, this is complicated, I don’t want you to face so many obstacles!”
“No father, this is my life, my choice, I will marry her no matter what.” Lancur raised his voice.
 Ki Honggolono felt pity on him, and the next morning, he went to Ki Ageng Mirah’s house. Ki Ageng Mirah surprised by the arrival of Ki Honggolono. He knew that his coming was for his son’s proposal to marry his daughter. He smiled but in his heart he hated to have a bad attitude son in law. He dare not refuse because that his cousin known as power full person. Therefore, to cover it up, Ki Ageng Mirah gave some conditions, First, the should make irrigation in Mirah overnight, second, must bring two barns contain rice and soy on the wedding ceremony, Third, barns must be able to walk alone from the village toward the Golan Mirah village.
And ladies and gentle men, Of course, Ki Honggolono agreed to all terms because it is easy considered. When the wedding ceremony came, all requirements have been made. With all his power, Ki Honggolo made hay (damen) and soybean stems (titen) into barns and soybeans. And by the help of the evil spirit, the barn was able to walk alone from Golan to Mirah. Ki Ageng Mirah already knew it was just a vicious science. Then, Ki Ageng Mirah seek God to reveal the truth.
And you know, it was proved ladies and gentle man. Kyai Ageng Mirah can not accept this proposal, and Ki Honggolono advised to return to the path of God. He felt embarrassed and angry.
Hearing all of these, Mirah instantly fell down and died. And Joko Lancur was shocked “Nooo….. why you leaved me alone, we will get  marry and I will make you happy”
“hahaha..Ok, wait for me, I will be there with you, no one can separate us” Joko Lancur stabbed himself into her stomach and he died. Then both of them buried into the ground of Mirah. In front of his son grave, Ki Honggolono swearing angrily “Mirah and the Golan people don’t dare to plant soy beans or to keep hay and soybean stem (titen), otherwise it burns easily, Mirah and Golan people should not be married or one of them will be die, Next, Mirah people should not carry goods from Golan village, because they could not find his way home, there is a river, Golan and Mirah’s water can not be merged.
Well ladies and gentle men, you believe or not, that’s your choice, however, the story is still there to this day.

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