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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Through the blackest night, morning gently tiptoes, feeling its way to dawn.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Young people and the fool

Today I had quiet serious conversation with my sweetheart and he told me something I should remember. I'm not quite sure about it but after I read understand it carefully, think about it more times, then I obtained it's truth , he said that he was borrowing si'ir (verse) Sunan Bonang (ma'dum ibrahim): 

Many people are being imprisoned by the mind, creation, good nature, the devil satan, dreaming endlessly which lead them to something meaninglessPEOPLE FALL INTO THE HELL  OF THE WORLD  because drowned by Panca indra ( five senses ) , pursuing the wonderlust of Five colors  BLACK, RED, YELLOW, AND WHITE, ONCE IN LARGE AMOUNTS, absorbed INTO his body. I miss my first life, when I still pure and never known dream , never known directions, Never known black, red, white, yellow green, blue . When will I be back to my first life. My Born in the world of death is so hard because I have a heart as people which contained new characters.

It is not easy to understand , yet we need special thinking to get the verse's meaning. But I had very much time listening to this kinda stuff before and I had a conclusion that if I had a choice or human had a choice, they wouldn't be born into the world. Human born to the world is actually only to serve God, but the beauty of natures delight our eyes so that we forgot our first mission. In this case the verse told that he missed his first life, life when he was holly pure, without sin because he hasn't born to the world yet. He has not smelled the sense of the the world, the world which full of lust, colors, dust, dirt, and any kinda human behaviors who live in it . Could you imagine what I mean?
In my opinion, this is what we call it trials or testimonies . Don't just want to get what really want hey Human! Because nothing comes instantly, you have to fight in your every pace in your whole life.

To be continued......................

Little Heron above the sea

Look at that picture, I took awhile the bird was flying. I couldn't help myself feel so excited however. This is amazing!! I might not good at taking picture though but I really feel satisfied and so much pleasure whenever I hold my camera and zoom it close to the subject am I going to shoot. That day the weather was quite gloomy and breezy. It was about to rain after awhile. Thank God that I've reached home when the rain came.
Another picture was this one.Do you see the white heron sit on the stick?

It caught up my eyes and didn't want to lose opportunity to shoot it. That's quite awesome and what I didn't understand why was that Heron sit over there on the stick. Just quietly stayed. I was wondering that if It couldn't fly up again or what. I wasn't sure if it purposely flew ad sit there endlessly.

And, still have a few pictures of Heron, well it was actually only one bird but I kept taking picture of it while it walked, so here we are..Hope you enjoy them :) 

The picture was close and really good :) . It was looking at my camera


It walked continually, I had to follow it :D

And  it finally stopped on the small rock, wew.. I liked it so much. It was too bad that my camera couldn't managed to be zoomed any closer anymore, But I think this is quite much clear right? :D 

I really love to take picture though , just my time to go out is not very often, that's problem. But always, I will take more pictures whenever I'm outside the house :D .

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One day vacation

Finally I went out for vacation today. It was my habit to go to beach each time I'm free to go out. It gives me calmness mind and improve my inner thinking. Anyway, that was my second purpose. My first one was to get this.
You know what is that? Of course match, s.match or live match. whatever :) . But really I'm happy I finally got it. This match I bought for someone and for special reason however. New design match which made me like it even when the first time I saw it. It took long time to get it however because it's far and need quite long time. At least I had to take a leave for a day and go there in hours. Isn't it cool? I think it's quiet good as remembrance or simply give it to anyone, Especially if she or he is smoker O,o . hehehe just kidding :D. Alas, I got it and I finally feel  extremely happy. Beside I want to tell about this bird, I saw a bird flying above the sea water and it finally sit at one stick. It was kinda funny but I managed to take picture of it. Here I was looking at the bird. I'm not sure it's Heron, but I guessed so .

It somehow stayed there for quite long time. I wondered why? I couldn't wait for it to fly and I finally went off. Walking around the garden while looking at the beautiful scenery really made me feel good. Sea, seashore , mountain, trees, flowers. They are too wonderful and seemed not enough words just to describe it. But the most amazing thing in my life among them was sea water, somehow I felt like jumping into it, diving deep inside and find another amazing creatures inside there. Too bad that the water is too much dirty and muddy. Probably the effluent of the irresponsible factory which flow it and finally mix it with sea water. That's horrible!  Anyway, I don't want to talk about it any further, it will make me nausea , yeah....motion yuck LOL. 
After taking a long walk I finally got tired and went home, I did actually take a lot pictures hehehe also the flying bird OMG, I will add it later on. My last picture was this one, though I look really ugly on this one but anyway, just the way I am , peace.................I went home with happiness. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Say no to Plagiarism

Yesterday I went to ebaby and there was interesting lesson there. I couldn't wait to share it here because I was wondering about it before about. That was about Plagiarism. According to the informations I've gathered. It's been almost happening in the whole wide world. Plagiarism becoming the biggest issue in the college students. It gets highest rate as a bad student’s habit . In my country, Indonesia (sorry to mention the brand hehehe.....) , plagiarism known as ‘’ copy paste ’’ , it isn’t something strange or taboo to talk about, because it rooting as a culture and very common happen in university life. Mostly students plagiarize due to catch up with assignments in a short time. As a student I had to admit of course I did my research by accessing the internet rather than flipping up every page of my book. hehehe…….But as far as I know by copying and editing, the idea will get more complicated and my works were getting alot. It is important to know the exact source and the idea from the article and then try to put them in our own words. As an educated student we cannot just being underachiever, receiving everything in packets and swallow it immediately. I’m sure it will difficult to digest. I don’t like the idea of plagiarism though, as we know that the old time students used to develop knowledge by inventing new idea and critical thinking , but now we are in the process of being fooled by technology….. O,o. Some professors / lecturers insist the students to complete assignments in a very limited time. It is like kinda suggest the students to gather the information by accessing the internet. In my opinion Nobody should be blamed though, but I feel sorry if the case continue like this without any special prevention / giving the students an appropriate punishments for plagiarizing , give an F immediately or kick them out of the school. What I was wondering why like this, don't we have to study it further? Why do they lead new generations for being cheaters? It probably still in the big question mark?