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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Wonderful English Learning site.

English, Baby! I should tell you guys that Ebaby site is one of the great parts in my life.! I think I've been there being a member since a year ago, I can never forget that my dream was started from there. I learned a lot about people, cultures, and the world. Ebaby has opened up my heart for the beauty of the world, about the sense of friendship, about the great connection between people and the world. I guess I shouldn't have gone through all these experiences without knowing Ebaby at first. I thank God for the these great fingers had ability to run over that most wonderful site ever, I say EVER because it means a lot for me, I have never known great site as Englishbaby before, I think we were destined to know each other. I sound talking like it's my boyfriend hehehe but it's true, ENglishbaby is too dearest for me, you should check it out, and I would be glad if you share with others. Then you will realise the value of this site :) . And here I share also my poem for ENglish Baby .

When I left you away,  Baby!
I felt really broken heart.
I just try to tell you the truth,
My life without you was blue.

When I was away from you,  Baby!
I felt lost half of my breath.
I just try to assure you, 
My feeling for you is true.

When the first time I hold you close, Baby!
I felt where I belong to be. 
If you try to get my off,
I feel really off the cuff.

You should know my mind, Oh Baby!
I've been thinking of you a lot. 
My absence to be here,
Made my heart grow fonder.

Come and open your heart, Baby!
Let me in ,where I should be,
Don't let this love kill me off! 
You are the one that I love! 

Thanks for your guidance, Oh Baby!
You've opened my heart,  you opened my sense,
You showed me my dream, that changed me so clear.
English, Baby! You've rocked my World! 

And this is the link for the site :
English, Baby!