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Monday, April 2, 2012

Say no to Plagiarism

Yesterday I went to ebaby and there was interesting lesson there. I couldn't wait to share it here because I was wondering about it before about. That was about Plagiarism. According to the informations I've gathered. It's been almost happening in the whole wide world. Plagiarism becoming the biggest issue in the college students. It gets highest rate as a bad student’s habit . In my country, Indonesia (sorry to mention the brand hehehe.....) , plagiarism known as ‘’ copy paste ’’ , it isn’t something strange or taboo to talk about, because it rooting as a culture and very common happen in university life. Mostly students plagiarize due to catch up with assignments in a short time. As a student I had to admit of course I did my research by accessing the internet rather than flipping up every page of my book. hehehe…….But as far as I know by copying and editing, the idea will get more complicated and my works were getting alot. It is important to know the exact source and the idea from the article and then try to put them in our own words. As an educated student we cannot just being underachiever, receiving everything in packets and swallow it immediately. I’m sure it will difficult to digest. I don’t like the idea of plagiarism though, as we know that the old time students used to develop knowledge by inventing new idea and critical thinking , but now we are in the process of being fooled by technology….. O,o. Some professors / lecturers insist the students to complete assignments in a very limited time. It is like kinda suggest the students to gather the information by accessing the internet. In my opinion Nobody should be blamed though, but I feel sorry if the case continue like this without any special prevention / giving the students an appropriate punishments for plagiarizing , give an F immediately or kick them out of the school. What I was wondering why like this, don't we have to study it further? Why do they lead new generations for being cheaters? It probably still in the big question mark?