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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Someday, I hope to be someone for somebody.

Am I just hoping for nothing? You know I actually feel it. I bought two T-shirts and a pink cup. ANd I have planned to hand them over  whenever chance draws us together. I don't know, I did something weird just because my telepathic feeling toward this situation keeping me stay close to what I call it Love chemistry. Argghh... I don't really get what am I thinking about. What am I doing? Discovered someone I considered as the one who is so so so special really makes done unexpected thing. Hope is hiking and getting up there sooner or later. I need some foot holds to keep me going also strong ropes to prevent me from falling down. To reach the top in high place is some part of my dream. Or stay close to someone heart, to be dearest one will be taking high rate of my dream. I know I have my right to do this. I have chance and I will keep finding the opportunity. I know I can do it. I can make it. I keep fighting for it.  Just a  little more, I must work harder and keep my positive thinking. Love is the greatest part of me. It encourages me to move further. I know I can be a successful person in everything in this life and not just be someone in the crowd. I know I can be much more better than anyone I have ever met. And so being with someone I like and hold him tight in my arms. Mine and I won't share with anyone. SOmeone, who took place in my heart. Someone who makes me be a better person. I know I have this confident to keep me going. I know because with God's help I will never fail.