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Friday, May 25, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

I've been feeling quite weird, something must have been not right with me, I couldn't say that I'm not actually okay but I talked a lot today, to my aunt to my dad, I didn't understand somehow. I expect too much things in my life, I just couldn't let it go with the flow. See! I'm working hard for what I really want to be happen in the near future. This is a dream. Every time my mind catches with so many beautiful things, and I'm sure they wouldn't come easily or instantly. I believe we need to work hard just to get it. Life full of surprise but planning is necessary sometimes. It will keep balance and keep a good direction for what we are heading. Life is full of unexpected moment. So I expect the unexpected. Here my poem, new fresh poem from my complicated mind.

I know what I do is a strange thing, 

But I can't stop or pause it ending, 
I know what are people thinking, 
But I keep quiet and still pretending,
I know life brought me so much pleasures,
Its uncountable and keep in mind at first,
I should be grateful and not careless,
Because I vowed my dream to the universe,

 Keep expecting unexpected thing,
Keep admiring without known being,
Keep destiny and dreams in silent praying,
I know that God is listening, replying,
 Gives answers for my journey in happy ending.