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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not brave enough to take a step

The melody of the song stuck in my head for quite long time. It's the love song, yet sad one . NO matter how much I tried to resist , but it's always remain there. Sometimes I feel to get lost at the present moment. I feel that I can't bear to handle my feeling anymore. Each time questions pop up on my mind, Should I continue or turn the button off. On the other hand, it's really hard choice for me, I'm stuck between hard rocks. Promise and desire is stay in my head eating my brain cells. It's not easy to understand, however, I should make a better decision for everybody. I'm at the corner of my thought thinking that I really feel cheesy and quirky . Smiling sour at the corner of my lips. I don't have to tell everyone about my reason, it's not complicated yet bitter enough to go through my throat. I keep wishing to stay focus on my hit and left everything behind. But I need to clear everything and walk peacefully. I'm getting tired of the situation but I have no way to get out. Time? Yeah, I'm waiting to the right time before my tiredness gets my heart weaker and weaker. How miserable.. . Each moment I look down and stare at my toes, I can't resist tearing. I want to be a good person but there's a wall  which I couldn't break. I tried  to turn the point of every conversation that I don't wish to continue. But I feel bad to break someone's feeling. On the other hand, I really hope to drop it. I can't stand it. What's the deal if I continue like this? I need your help OH Allah...!! What should I do? I ask for your guidance in each of my prayer. I can't bear to continue. How do I find a solution for this without hurting other people's heart? Give strength to be brave oh GOD, Amen!
Keep praying to Allah for the solution!