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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Story Telling; The Twin Maks

A long time ago in Lumajang, East Java, there was a kingdom named Bintolo. The king had a beautiful princess. Many young men feel in love with her and proposed her. However, the princess always refused the wedding proposal politely. She didn’t want to get married yet. On the other hand, in the small village there was a young man who lived with his mother. He was a mask maker. He also fell in love with the princess, but he didn’t have any courage to propose her. The man was ugly. “How can I propose her? The princess refused proposals from handsome and rich men.” That was the ugly man always thought.
However, he couldn’t stop thinking about her until he got ill that made his mother really worried about him. “What’s the matter with you my son? Please tell me!” “I…I… I love the princess mother but I’m ugly, I’m not sure she will accept my proposal, I don’t know how to tell the truth about my feeling.” The mother replied ”You a great mask maker my son, make a mask of a handsome man and wear it when you propose the princess.”
Immediately, the man made a handsome mask and it was amazingly looked like a real face. So he went to the kingdom confidently. “Your majesty, I’m here to propose your daughter,” said the man. “Stay here, I will talk to my princess” replied the king.
“My daughter, that’s a man want to marry you, it’s all up to you my dear, if you love him, you may marry him.” said the king. The princess met the man and she fell in love with him. She accepted the man’s wedding proposal.
The man was happy, he will marry the girl of his dream. However, he realized that the princess didn’t love him but loved his mask. He then told the truth to the princess and the king. He was ready for all the risk
“It’s true at the first time, I loved you because you are so handsome, but now since I know you well, I loved you the way you are. I want you to make the same mask as yours, I want to wear it in our wedding.” said the princess.

During the wedding, all the guests were surprised to see the bride and the groom wearing the same masks. That inspired a few people to create a dance called Twin masks dance. Until now, people in Lumajang called it Tari Topeng Kembar and do the dance till now. 

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