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Sunday, February 21, 2016

In love With Beauty Stuff

Hello People... 
I'm not sure I'm gonna change my website but anyway, it's been long time and I missed writing my stuff. 
Busy with my thesis and I think I need a little time to refresh my mind. 
Well, started from reviewing some cosmetic stuff from many many websites...those Indonesian beauty websites, because my face cover up with acne lately...hemm I do really enjoy reading them and wanna share my personal experience about those stuff. 
However, many are bad experience which really broke my heart..yeahh...I stressed about what I'm gonna do to make my appearance better. 
Still working on it till now and some how I found some good treat...still good so far. 
But don't know when I'm gonna review about that beauty stuff. 
After finish my thesis I'm gonna start blogging in Indonesian Language probably. YES. 

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