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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last night I hold my cell phone to sleep, I forgot what I was checking at that time or I guess I was looking at the picture till I fallen asleep. Not for long I clearly remember that my phone dropped off my hand to the side of my bed. I felt unconscious and really sleepy so I just didn't bother about it. The next morning my grandmother woke me up as usual. So I grab my phone which usually I put beside me. I was surprised that I didn't find it there. I got up and on the light to look for it. And in the end I remember what was happening last night, I shifted my bed and found my phone there, dirty, dusty and messed up with rubbish. But thanks God that it was alright, because usually my phone always broke into pieces whenever in once drops. Anyway, why I keep looking at that picture? Hi picture, don't try to mess up with me!!!! I'm warning you!

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  1. lolz, I remember the time when I broke my first mobile. I was on the 8th floor of a hospital visiting my grandma and I was looking through the window with my phone in the hand, and suddenly I dropped it all the way down from the 8th floor. I was not sad that the phone was gone, because It was old and I was glad that I got rid of it. I was relieved though that no one was harmed. Imagine the consequences had the phone fell on someone standing below.