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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One day vacation

Finally I went out for vacation today. It was my habit to go to beach each time I'm free to go out. It gives me calmness mind and improve my inner thinking. Anyway, that was my second purpose. My first one was to get this.
You know what is that? Of course match, s.match or live match. whatever :) . But really I'm happy I finally got it. This match I bought for someone and for special reason however. New design match which made me like it even when the first time I saw it. It took long time to get it however because it's far and need quite long time. At least I had to take a leave for a day and go there in hours. Isn't it cool? I think it's quiet good as remembrance or simply give it to anyone, Especially if she or he is smoker O,o . hehehe just kidding :D. Alas, I got it and I finally feel  extremely happy. Beside I want to tell about this bird, I saw a bird flying above the sea water and it finally sit at one stick. It was kinda funny but I managed to take picture of it. Here I was looking at the bird. I'm not sure it's Heron, but I guessed so .

It somehow stayed there for quite long time. I wondered why? I couldn't wait for it to fly and I finally went off. Walking around the garden while looking at the beautiful scenery really made me feel good. Sea, seashore , mountain, trees, flowers. They are too wonderful and seemed not enough words just to describe it. But the most amazing thing in my life among them was sea water, somehow I felt like jumping into it, diving deep inside and find another amazing creatures inside there. Too bad that the water is too much dirty and muddy. Probably the effluent of the irresponsible factory which flow it and finally mix it with sea water. That's horrible!  Anyway, I don't want to talk about it any further, it will make me nausea , yeah....motion yuck LOL. 
After taking a long walk I finally got tired and went home, I did actually take a lot pictures hehehe also the flying bird OMG, I will add it later on. My last picture was this one, though I look really ugly on this one but anyway, just the way I am , peace.................I went home with happiness. 

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