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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Young people and the fool

Today I had quiet serious conversation with my sweetheart and he told me something I should remember. I'm not quite sure about it but after I read understand it carefully, think about it more times, then I obtained it's truth , he said that he was borrowing si'ir (verse) Sunan Bonang (ma'dum ibrahim): 

Many people are being imprisoned by the mind, creation, good nature, the devil satan, dreaming endlessly which lead them to something meaninglessPEOPLE FALL INTO THE HELL  OF THE WORLD  because drowned by Panca indra ( five senses ) , pursuing the wonderlust of Five colors  BLACK, RED, YELLOW, AND WHITE, ONCE IN LARGE AMOUNTS, absorbed INTO his body. I miss my first life, when I still pure and never known dream , never known directions, Never known black, red, white, yellow green, blue . When will I be back to my first life. My Born in the world of death is so hard because I have a heart as people which contained new characters.

It is not easy to understand , yet we need special thinking to get the verse's meaning. But I had very much time listening to this kinda stuff before and I had a conclusion that if I had a choice or human had a choice, they wouldn't be born into the world. Human born to the world is actually only to serve God, but the beauty of natures delight our eyes so that we forgot our first mission. In this case the verse told that he missed his first life, life when he was holly pure, without sin because he hasn't born to the world yet. He has not smelled the sense of the the world, the world which full of lust, colors, dust, dirt, and any kinda human behaviors who live in it . Could you imagine what I mean?
In my opinion, this is what we call it trials or testimonies . Don't just want to get what really want hey Human! Because nothing comes instantly, you have to fight in your every pace in your whole life.

To be continued......................

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