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Friday, November 25, 2011

Gloomy gloomy Day

" Sometimes I just wanna sit at home as a Queen because My life doesn't hang over the internet "

That thought came up to my mind this evening and accidentally had upset someone, I didn't mean to offend anyone though, I was just trying to tell what I feel, maybe it was just short thought, you know basically I couldn't live without internet, but sometimes I just too tired to be here, to pop my eyes over line of words on the screen, and running my fingers through my keypads, sitting in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee and some snacks, doing some works and exercises, ah.............
I miss my world, my real world, where I can breathe with fresh air, see the bright morning, sun rising high, cold soft wind blowing, and the music of natures, I really miss all of them.

I found out that cyber really took out half of my life, I am looking  the best way to quickly get out of it, You know I am kinda addicted to the internet, and I'm trying to make it useful as possible. Internet has affected me a lot, my life, my love, my world. I don't say that internet is not something useless, because world is using it, it is part of human life, it's necessity, I learned a lot from it. But it's weird me for staying too long. I am not leaving though but I need some of times for my real world, real friends, real life. 

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