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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unexpected LOVE

Love is a mysterious. 
Sometimes I wonder what a real love would be? Unexpected meeting with unexpected person in unexpected time, strange and unpredictable moment. Which draws both people in to unexpected feeling. This unexpected feeling we call it "LOVE". Why? So, I had never expected unexpected question gonna ever popped out your head, because I'm afraid I might give you unpredictable answer. What I know it is miraculous if someone ever falling in love. We have no reason why we fall  in love. If someone can give you the reason why they love you, I think she/he doesn't love you. But they like you. However love based on emotion not definition.  Agree?
So do you think for awhile, what makes us fall in love? It right be right that beauty and goo looking are capture our attention at first. But personality captures our heart. Sometimes people do ask us out for a walk or just hangout together, but for for sure they stick around because of our personality. We knew beauty is nothing without a great personality. And whenever we fall in love , I'm sure we can see our lover is always perfect,  because we can receive the weakness of our partner. That's why people called LOVE is BLIND. O,o

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