alone, bed, boy, crying, earphones
On that day was Thursday, March 15, 2012. I didn't  feel alright, I heard kinda unpleasant bout me somehow, it was just make me sick and felt moody the whole day. I've been thinking about a lot of problems you know, I wish no one load me more with unexpected matter. I felt that Unpleasant words continue whispering in my ears, It was on my back all the time. I remember since that day morning I forgot to shove in my headset, listening to mp3 as usual, However it's really work a lot. I don't wish to listen what other's conversation about or I just don't want to care about anything here. I tried to do what I've to do. I tried to be done my works at once. Bothering other people problems doesn't keep my nose clean, it just leaded me down in the dumps. Who care about you, he,  she, they, and stuff they are heading. That's not my business. I'm not a nosy person. Duh!!! Can't stand such a people !