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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keep the spirit alive

I guess it is normal struggling in the first step of our dreams. It is just another way to build  self foundation, strengthen the roots of our feet stepping on the ground. Stand strongly and have the ability to get up whenever anybody knocks us down on our knees. Everybody knows never easy to make a dream come true. Dreams require hard works, full efforts, spirits, self motivational, and of course miracle from Allah (GOD).

Everyone has their own spirit to face their life, however it depends on the person, they have strong or  weak spirit. Likely me, I personally have strong spirit inside me, no matter what they say or how much they feel weird toward my dreams or rolling eyes of disagreement. " True strength is keeping together when everyone expect you to fall apart ". They won't drear the light of spirit inside me. My dream is my hope, like water dripping on a dying plant, it gives  a live in a very small chance, it is a hope to continue the future which is lying ahead. it's a miracle in a small corner of the world.

I have a dream even I only have 1 to cent in my pocket. I have a dream because it is a hope when you feel just nothing be something. Dream is a light, to guide my path to the right direction when I have no where to go. A dream that make me more alive to face my life, more encouraged, work hard, responsible, and stand on my own feet. A dream which make me think more wise, really think of my future, positive thinking,  strong desire, and self believer, with God's help I shall not fail.

I am realized that I am a real dreamer, whenever I wake up early to rise and shine, to  face my activities when some people are pulling their blanket and continue to sleep, or whenever I burn the midnight oil turning every page of my books. I am working  so hard from body to mind and I hope I will achieve my goal in the near future. I know I am not alone because there are many dreamers in this world. I know I am not alone whenever I feel down God always stands by my side. Someone told me this " Rise your wings high to the sky but keep  your feet stepping on the ground so that you won't forget where you came from " . Means never be too proud till forgot GOD when you've got achieved what you wanted . I will remember this.

Keep believing that Dreams do come true, believe in yourself because if you don't believe in yourself how can you expect people to believe in you?. The future is belong to those who believe to the beauty of their dreams. Never afraid to shoot for the moon because even you missed it you will land among the stars. Keep spirit alive.
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